Jon Snow races his father.
Ned Stark’s faster.

Jon Snow met Robert Baratheon.
Ned Stark’s master.

Jon Snow goes to his father’s priest.
Ned Stark’s pastor.

Jon Snow borrows supplies to repair Winterfell.
Ned Stark’s plaster.

Jon Snow learns what happened in King’s Landing.
Ned Stark’s disaster.


a-song-of-blood-and-death asked: I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

If only Catelyn had been able to love Jon so much.  Thanks!!


some awesome game of thrones cosplays at animazement

I was at this con and failed to get a picture of any of these because my camera is a potato.  Anyway, here you go. 


Jon Snow walks up to Gendry and says, “You must be Robert Baratheon’s bastard”

and runs off into the wilderness shrieking his victory

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If Jaime Lannister looks familiar, you may find this gif handy.